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WARNING: Multi-fandom blog! Hey guys! Call me Cara, call me Ammy, either's good. I'm random and I mostly reblog stuff but I tag my everything. ALL are welcome here! <3 Almost always spoilers, and very rarely NSFW. Homestuck. SNK/Attack on Titan. Supernatural. Doctor Who. Sherlock. Harry Potter. The Avengers. Hetalia. Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices. Anime/manga. Music. Please feel free to message me or ask me anything. I cosplay Porrim Maryam, Kanaya Maryam, a bit of John Egbert, and am looking into some new cosplays as well.
I am also a member of askthesehomestucks (ATH).
[ATTENTION ALL: THIS IS A SUICIDE/SELF HARM HOTLINE BLOG. If there's something you need to talk about or get off your chest, feel free to talk to me.]
Too sugoi to live
too kawaii to die

Fidgey Appreciation Post #2: Lil Hal and Update!Jake English, MomoCon 2013.